Rick Lacey

Freelance Drummer

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Rick is an experienced International Festival Standard Drummer, having played in Chicago, New Orleans, France, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal and Spain, as well as at some of the biggest UK Blues and Tribute Festivals.

He is a respected musician who plays with Doctor Truth, an international gigging band fusing Jazz, Gospel, Soul and Blues. The band have a reputation for delivering exciting performances on the National and European Blues Club and Festival circuit. as a Blues based covers / originals or backing high level artists in the Soul and Funk scene.

Down At The Doctors   The most authentic Dr Feelgood tribute band there is.

He works as a freelance session drummer and also with international acts visiting the UK.

Rick is a versatile and experienced drummer, with a solid, groove who plays with finesse, subtlety and delicacy.

Blues and Soul are his favourite musical styles. Having played at some huge Festivals he can easily and effortlessly work with event organisers for main stages or playing venues on the trail circuit. He is experienced at meeting the demands of the more formal approach needed for Weddings, cabaret clubs, Working Men’s and Political party clubs as well as Corporate Functions.

Rick is experienced working in a Video production environment, knows what is needed and can prepare accordingly.

Rick prides himself on turning up on time, prepared and being able to work well with sound engineers.

Rick is experienced in a wide variety of musical styles, obviously Blues and Soul, but can also play Rock 'n' Roll, Pop music, 60's 70's 80's and the more modern chart material, Glam Rock, Cabaret, Rock, effectively he can manage most styles of playing and can play Strict Tempo Ballroom style as well. He can play to a half empty Pub or a 3000+ venue with equal conviction and has a lot of experience of deputising at late notice. Playing to a click track is no problem, if that is required.

Rick has a wide range of drums and cymbals so that he can quickly create a sound for the Recording Studio and can work quickly in that environment. Mrs L is always bewildered at the number of snare drums that are continually arriving at Chez Lacey.

It is very important to Rick that he has clean and reliable quality musical equipment and transport so that he can arrive at a venue on time, set up with a minimum of fuss and quickly achieve a good sound. To that end, he has invested heavily in top of the range professional equipment that he keeps well maintained and regularly tunes the drums for their best sound.