Rick Lacey

Freelance Drummer

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"As a promoter of live music for just over 10 years now, we feel that we can honestly say that we know a thing or two about promoting live music, and also working with musicians in general. Rick Lacey has played at our R'n'B Club on four occasions now with both Bluesline and The Roach Twins Band. I can honestly say that his work has been faultless and dynamic in keeping both bands sound tight and crisp. He is also a real nice guy and very helpful with his organisation skills. Please don't have any hesitation in working with him." 
Mike Prendergast. Darlington Arts Centre Rhythm 'n' Blues Club.

For several years it has been my pleasure and privilege to know Rick Lacey. His tempos, dynamics, embellishments combined with an incredible wrist action, have made him one of the most sought after musicians in the area. His impeccable timekeeping and solid groove means that you can set your clock by him, so long as you don't have to catch a bus! ..... 
Rick's engaging charisma and rugged good looks make him a favourite with the ladies and....... anyhow, to get to the point, it has been a joy to work with him over the years in many different band situations. He keeps great time, can lay it down and has a great knowledge of blues music in particular. 
Julian Latimer (bass player). 

"Rick was always very impressive with his pro attitude during my time in the Roach Twins, and as a bass player he always made life easy for me. I would work with Rick again without hesitation if I got the chance (and a big wad of cash)." 
Andrew Sykes (ex Roach Twins) 

"Rick has held down the beat in numerous bands over the years and as you would expect, he is extremely versatile and adaptable to any situation, due to his knowledge in different genres of music, especially Blues He has always been a joy to work with and also a good friend!" 
Darren Howe (Bassist, Roach Twins Band) 

"Rick not only supported Joanna Connor on stage during the 2005 AHP tour but supported the whole show and with his professionalism. Its a pleasure to be associated with him" 
Alan Hewitt - Concert and Event Promoter (AH Promotions) 

There is no doubt in my mind that Rick Lacey is one of the finest drummers in the Blues Genre in the North of England  Alan Pearce Editor, Bluesmatters Magazine

“Give it up for Rick Lacey on the drums back there! Man, that guy has the groove so deep in his pocket you'd think he was from Memphis Tennessee" 
Joanna Connor (on-stage headlining at the Liverpool Blues & Roots festival, October 2005)

"Hot Lancashire band BluesLine have their first release on the Blues Matters label now available. Titled "Things Change" it contains some magical moments. Already a favourite on BBC Radio Lancashire with Nick Dow the bands fans old and new are in for a real treat with this album. 

 “Bluesline never fail to stun audiences with their particularly lively and unique show. This band is amazing to watch and even better to listen to" ………Burnley Blues Festival 

"Every once in a while one has to broaden one's interests and in BluesLine I found a fine band that serve up American, British and Contemporary blues / R'n'B in many styles in a lively, gutsy manner”………Bolton Evening News 

"Bluesline made quite a stir at Colne Blues Festival and are headed by two superb guitarists, a solid rhythm section and a very powerful vocalist"….. Darlington R&B Club