Rick Lacey

Freelance Drummer

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My "thank you" page

I have been so lucky. I have made friends all over the country and in many other areas of the world. I have gigged in Denmark, Sweden, France, Portugal and Spain.

One day I was musing on how lucky I have been and decided to take Joanna Connor up on her offer of “any time you want to stay in Chicago, just ask”

So I did.

In November 2008, I jumped on a Jumbo Jet and landed in Chicago O’Hare Airport, then a train and a taxi directly to Kingston Mines, one of the most famous blues clubs in Chicago. Joanna and her family are wonderful; I had Thanksgiving with them and played at Blues Clubs in the home of Electric Blues.  A long held ambition fulfilled, lessons learned, atmosphere and music absorbed.  I want to go back.

Due to the wonderful camaraderie of the musician friends  I also went on a bit of a musical journey. I met an old harmonica player friend from Manchester now living in Philadelphia and stayed with him and his wife.

We had a long journey ahead of us but we left Philadelphia then set off to Nashville via the Ole Opry, down to Memphis to see Sun Studios and Graceland and a long trip to Clarksdale, the venue where “The Crossroads” is. Then we went down to New Orleans for the Jazz Festival.

I learned and absorbed do much, especially when on stage with local musicians. I met some lovely people and it really was a trip of a lifetime.

I would really like to thank Judith my wonderful lady. How she puts up with my obsession for drums, cymbals and all the associated paraphernalia staggers me. She is wonderful when I have been out working until silly O'clock and need a bit more sleep in the morning. She says I spend more time cleaning my gear than I do on the house - she is probably right!

I am also so very proud of my wonderful children. Both have been infected with my passion for music. Alex is a wonderful drummer and sessions with a few local high quality bands. My daughter Charlotte is an amazing singer and actress having done some TV work and also plays the drums. I was just bursting with price when we lined up at a world record event Stick It To MS in Manchester. There is a link here. all about it.

Finally, thank you for visiting my site.